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About Us

With a diverse range of backgrounds and experience,
 our team has a rich history building fruitful partnerships.

  • Location

    Corporate Headquarters
    702 E. Interstate 2
    Mission, TX 78572

Our Team

  • Justin Simpson Director of Quality Assurance
    Since 2004, Justin has been hard at work developing and implementing our industry-leading food safety and quality system. He was instrumental in helping us achieve GFSI certification in 2009. He has a degree in Food Science and Technology from Texas A&M University.
  • Dodson Galloway Director of Operations
    Dodson has been with us since the doors opened in 1971. Over the years, he’s seen the citrus industry grow and, during freezes, completely shut down. He’s been instrumental in expanding our capabilities to include co-packing and retail bottling that peaked at over more than 10 million cases per year.
  • Jay Madden Director of Sales
    Jay has been with us since 2000, building lasting relationships with leaders across the citrus industry. Before that, he held positions in the supermarket industry and with national food companies. He graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American with a Business Administration degree.
  • Boyd Beasley Director of Sales
    After 30 years in citrus processing and beverage manufacturing, Boyd has extensive experience in operations and supply chain management. He graduated from Ottawa University in Kansas with a degree in Business Management.
  • Ruth Sheppard Sales Assistant
    Ruth has been with us since 2001, handling invoicing, releases, and logistics. Now she works directly with all of our clients, helping them get just what they need.
  • Maricela Duran Sales Assistant
    Maricela is the newest addition to our sales team. She creates orders, handles invoices and follows up with releases. Working closely with all of our customers, she makes sure every order is fulfilled on time and to spec.
  • Ninfa Sepulveda Finance Manager/Controller
    Ninfa spearheads all of our standard costing, budgeting and financial planning. She also leads a team on financial and payroll audits along with health insurance and 401K plan management.
  • Abel Razo Purchasing Supervisor
    Abel is responsible for buying the best—quality products, goods and services for our company at the most competitive prices. He works closely with our vendors to maintain an open line of communication. Abel previously worked as a Production Supervisor in our Retail Division.
  • Norma Perez Accounting Supervisor
    Norma joined the finance team in 2007. Her focus is in A/P & A/R as well as assisting the Purchasing supervisor as a backup. She relocated from California where she worked as an office manager for 15 years in the agriculture business.
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The Rio Grande Juice Company has been working closely with citrus growers for nearly 50 years. In 2015, we became a division of Wonderful Citrus, America’s largest integrated grower, packer, and shipper of fresh citrus.

  • History

    The Rio Grande Juice Company has been working closely with citrus growers for nearly 50 years. In 2015, we became a division of Wonderful Citrus, America’s largest integrated grower, packer, and shipper of fresh citrus.

  • May 1968

    Texas Citrus Exchange (TCX), a cooperative, is formed when a group of Rio Grande Valley citrus packers needed an outlet for their packing house elimination fruit.

    • 1968-71

      Construction of a new processing plant begins in Mission, Texas. The facility is home to the new TCX.

    • October 1971

      Juicing begins at the Mission plant using Brown Juice Extractors. The plant could initially move 40 tons/hour.

    • 1974-75

      Several additions are made to the facility, doubling the capacity and throughput.

    • 1980-81

      TCX adds a concentrate tank farm to the plant for bulk storage, increasing capacity by more than one million gallons.

    • 1981

      TCX and Tetra Pak install one of the first aseptically packaged juice lines in the country with a line of retail units for orange and grapefruit juice.

    • Christmas 1983

      A massive freeze decimates the citrus crop in south Texas when temperatures drop into the teens.

    • 1984

      Citrus processing slows down and custom processing begins for plants in Mexico. TCX builds and patents one of the first Aloe Vera juice extractors.

    • 1988

      The canning operation in the Harlingen plant—consisting of citrus juice and blends—moves to the Mission plant.

    • Christmas  1989

      Another massive freeze decimates the valley citrus crop, cutting output in half. Fruit volume remains low until the 1993 season.

    • 1991

      The only other juice processor in south Texas closes, leaving TCX as the sole citrus juice processor.

    • 1993

      The retail packaging division adds a 40,000-square-foot dry warehouse for finished goods storage.

    • 1998

      The first bottling line is added to the retail division, producing a number of juice blends and juice cocktails.

    • 1999

      TCX partners with Citrus World Inc. to handle the sale of finished goods. Canning and bottling lines are modernized for efficiency, and HACCP plans are implemented on all lines even before the FDA requirement in 2002.

    • summer 2003

      A Brown Premium pulp cell recovery system is added to recover premium pulp cells.

    • 2005

      TCX begins brewing tea for Sweet Leaf Tea, and the bottling line is upgraded to package glass containers.

    • 2006-07

      Fruit unloading upgrades include truck lifts and finishing capacity. Additional Brown Oil Extractors increase cold-press oil recovery.

    • 2008-09

      TCX implements GFSI and, in October 2009, the facility is certified under the IFS standard, which remains today.

    • Early 2009

      TCX adds a modern bottling line to the Retail Packaging Division. The product line expands with new flavors like grape and vegetable juice and cranberry cocktail.

    • August 2009

      TCX begins co-packing for Texas Tea, adding a newcomer to the tea category. The line has expanded from five flavors to more than a dozen.

    • 2013

      TCX doubles the capacity of the Not From Concentrate (NFC) juice system to meet new demand.

    • Summer 2014

      Brown Juice Extractors are removed and a new JBT Juice Extraction System is installed. Oil and pulp cell recovery along with fruit receiving are upgraded, streamlined, and automated, reducing costs and downtime.

    • July 1, 2015

      Wonderful Citrus acquires TCX, renaming it the Rio Grande Juice Company. To learn more, visit


The Rio Grande Juice Company has been working closely with citrus growers for nearly 50 years. In 2015, we became a division of Wonderful Citrus, America’s largest integrated grower, packer, and shipper of fresh citrus.


702 E. Interstate 2
Mission, TX 78572
(956) 598-6800

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Director, Sales
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