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Why Rio Grande?

We get as much of the
good citrus stuff as we can from
our fruit, both inside and out.

World-Class Citrus

Texas fruit is sought after by bottlers and manufacturers around the world.

Find Your
Main Squeeze

Using a variety of oranges, lemons and limes and some of the country’s best grapefruit, we’re serving up top-shelf citrus products in the Rio Grande Valley.

The Best Red
Grapefruit by a
Texas Mile

Since our grapefruit ranks in the top three citrus red values, most people prefer it over any other. Our fruit has a rich red color and the right sugar-to-acid ratio for the sweetest juices, concentrates and more.

Grapefruit Color
Score Chart


We’re the largest juice manufacturer in the state with millions of grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and limes coming through every year.


    Our fruit is grown locally and distributed globally. Warm breezes from the Gulf of Mexico and rich delta soil give the Rio Grande Valley a healthy harvest season that lasts from October to May. And since we’re centrally located, we have access to lower cost distribution and logistics channels. We currently serve North America, Europe and Asia.


Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including our quality-control standards. From the handling to the packing, we process every piece of fruit with uncompromising care.

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